Smoke Detectors

Range of Application
With its advanced 90° photoelectric detection pattern, The PMN-300 Series offers superior detection of smoldering or rapid growth fires under a broad range of applications and changing environmental conditions.

Hot Tip
In addition to its superior ability to detect smoke, the PMN-300 Series offers you yet another critical safeguard – it is available with a built-in sensor designed to detect the presence of heat caused by a fire that starts and develops very rapidly.

Instant Status
With a quick glance at the LED indicator located at the top of your PMN-300 Series unit, you can see in an instant if the smoke detector is ‘on’ or its alarm/trouble/normal status.

The PMN-300 Series’ exclusive detection pattern smoke chamber design cannot be found in just any ordinary smoke detector. The PMN-300 Series’ design offers greater sensitivity to smoke and at the same time, superior immunity to dust, insects and other environmental factors – conditions that may leave a lesser quality smoke detector impaired and unable to alert you.

Every 40 seconds, the PMN-300 Series does an automatic self-test. So when your unit is low on power or when its sensitivity to smoke has fallen, it will let you know – right away. And whenever you need to check the smoke detector yourself, you can conduct a manual test by simply pushing the button at the top of the unit.
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