The principals of Accura Alarms Security, Glenn and Doug Muir have over 30 years combined experience in the security industry. Accura Alarms Security Service was formed when honest, high-level of security was required in the Kootenay area. We also felt the Kootenay area needed a choice when selecting a high-quality security service company. Accura Alarms Security Service services Trail, Castlegar, Salmo, Rossland, Nelson, Grandforks, Nakusp, South Slocan, Kaslo, New Denver, Fruitvale, Creston, Cranbrook, Kimberley. The list go on. Accura Alarms Security installs high quality security equipment with proven security technology. In 2006 the company decided to add two new security technologies to its product line.

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    PRE-ENTRY design

This security concept focuses on KEEPING INTRUDERS OUTSIDE! by using security glass break sensors and Security Screen AlarmsPRE-ENTRY Security is part of a new CONCEPT here at Accura Alarms Security. PRE-ENTRY Security keeps the intruders outside because the intrusion is detected and prevents entry into the house. Protecting your family is the primary reason for PRE-ENTRY Security and security alarm screens and security glassbreak detectors are integral to this security design concept. Life safety devices such as carbon monoxide, natural gas and smoke detectors are also an integral part of any security alarm system designed to protect your family. Standard battery powered and wired in carbon monoxide, natural gas and smoke detectors can’t report the emergency situation to anyone outside the house and when an emergency situation occurs you want your detectors to report this information to someone who can help you. When a life safety device reports an emergency situation to one of our Monitoring Stations, you can be assured that the station operators will call the emergency services at 911 and help will be dispatched to your location quickly and accurately.

See Alarms Screen

For some reason here in beautiful BC, where many of us have our windows open for fresh air, security alarm screen protection is not offered by 99% of alarm companies. It seems that false alarm prone security motion detectors are preferred.
A security alarm screen is a simple device and affords maximum and 100% false security alarm free protection both night and day, whether the window is opened, closed or anyplace in between. If the security screen fabric is cut, this will cause security alarm; if the screen is removed, this will also cause a security alarm. Security Alarm Screens are programmed as 24 hour security devices, which means you are protected even when the alarm is off. If for any reason you need to remove the security screen, cleaning the window for example, you simply bypass the security zone at the security keypad. A hidden security connector allows full removal of the security screen. When you replace the security screen, you remove the security zone bypass and the security screen alarm is active again.
The security alarm screen is the answer to that age old question, can I open my window for fresh air? With a security alarm screen, you can have the window in any position and the security screen alarm will work. Add a security glassbreak detector and you get Pre-Entry Security Alarm protection.

Accura Alarms Security Service has incorporated a program which GUARANTEES its customers ZERO FALSE ALARMS!

(Features of total PR-ENTRY Protection)

  • U.L.C. Approved Monitoring: for 24 hour monitoring and maximum insurance discount
  • Compatible with Children & Pets: protects your family while they are at home
  • Door Chime: chimes when a door is opened
  • Modern Sensor Design: fits in with your décor
  • Full System Supervision: ensures that your system is always working for your family.
  • Screen Alarms: the ultimate in security and convenience.
  • Panic Alarms: for medical emergencies.
  • Wired/Wireless Technology: custom designed for you.
  • Telephone Line Security!
  • No False Alarms


For more information about pre-entry designs or alarm screens please contact Accura Alarms Security